Thermoshield is registered under British Standards Institute ISO 9001 which means that all of our manufacturing, installation and servicing processes are subject to strict guidelines which are audited on a regular basis. Thermoshield are proud to be one of the very few home improvement companies to achieve this level of quality control and work hard to maintain the accreditation.

Our upvc manufacturing process starts with lengths of profile. Thermoshield have used the same upvc profile, WHS Halo - now part of the VEKA group, for over 25 years. This is because they, like us, constantly refine their product and make sure it is up to the task of making superior quality products for our discerning customers.

Each product order is accompanied by a “cutting sheet” which is a document containing every detail that needs to happen to create the product.

At the end of each individual phase, the cutting sheet is signed off by the fabricator responsible for that process.

The profile lengths are cut to the required size and welded together to construct the window or door frame.
The next process is where the frames have the hardware added. Depending on the job, each frame will have hinges, locks and keeps, restrictors and trickle vents fitted.
The frame then moves on to be glazed. (Some larger windows are glazed on site to make the frame easier for the installation team to handle)
The final process is a thorough going over by the quality control department for functionality and completeness.
The finished items are then racked ready for the installation teams to take to the customer and fit.